I have been a member of Z-Fit for over 3 years now.  I love the range of classes that they offer and that they are continually adding classes and changing things.  The instructors are all wonderful!  The atmosphere is always very positive, welcoming and encouraging.  In the time that I have been a member, I have lost a total of 46 pounds! All the instructors have been very supportive and encouraging during my journey and my continued health.  I encourage anyone to come and take classes no matter their fitness levels because everyone is always made welcome.  ~Michelle Rehren~

In January 2012 my friend Darlene Castillo brought myself and 2 other friends Vickie Archiveque and Yolanda Gonzales to

Z-Fit Studio to try Bernadette Dominguez’s Zumba class because we wanted more than what we were doing. After the class Darlene introduced us to Bernadette she was so warm and friendly. Since that first class with Bernadette I have never looked to go anywhere else, all the instructors  are the most compassionate and encouraging group of people they treat everyone like family. Not only do they teach Zumba but they have also pushed me and the rest of the people that come to Z-Fit with other classes like Toning, Body Pump, TRX, PiYo, P90X and the newest Hit Fit. Christopher Romero also has personal training sessions outside of the classes which I started about 1-1/2 years ago and I am lifting and doing exercises that I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever do. Thanks to the Z-Fit family at age 64 I am healthier and stronger than I was 4 years ago when I walked in to Z-Fit and have lost over 100 lbs and have kept it off.
~Arleen Posnansky~

5 years ago I rediscovered myself physically and started making long lasting healthy changes in my life. I tried different fitness studios that offered different classes, but nothing tugged at my heart to commit with them. In the fall of 2011 a friend of mine recommended Z-fit Studio to me and soon after I attended my 1st class, I never looked back. With an instructor always there to guide and assist you through the workouts you’re sure to get the best results from each class. The physical results I have seen for myself have been amazing. Through hard work, commitment, positive challenge and having the support of fellow members, my fitness journey has been incredibly successful and FUN! I’ve learned that no matter how real the struggle may be; it’s how we approach the struggle that makes the success in our own fitness paths. I encourage everyone to try at least one class at Z-Fit Studio. You will be NOT be disappointed. ~Tyra Dawn~

I never had any issues with my weight until I gained 75lbs during my first pregnancy.  As time passed, I hated looking in the mirror because it hurt seeing myself sink lower and lower. My self-esteem had dropped so low that I became afraid to change. I feared I wouldn’t be strong enough. A friend suggested we try Zumba, and we found the Z-Fit Studio online. Z-Fit isn’t just another studio where you work out and go home, it goes more in depth in that. In the time I’ve been at Z-Fit, I’ve learned how balancing diet and exercise is important, how to push myself, and most importantly, how to love myself again.  Through the encouragement from instructors, trainers and other Z-Fit members, I’ve seen how strong I am, and look forward to working hard to become stronger. They don’t just hand you a schedule mapping out your weight loss journey, they go down the journey with you. It’s apparent as soon as you walk through those doors that Z-Fit isn’t a place to work out, it’s a place to grow and better yourself on the inside and out. After a year and a half and two Boot Camps I am extremely proud to say I’ve lost 45lbs, 5 sizes, 24 overall inches, and 6% of my BMI. Instead of looking back and thinking “I wish I was that thin again,” I now look forward and say “I’m going to be that thin again.” I could have never done it without the calls, texts, and encouragement from everyone at Z-Fit. Z-Fit is truly committed to helping you grow, facing your fears and reaching your goals.  ~Deborah Martin~ 

Back in 2010 I was told by my primary doctor that I was borderline high blood pressure and high good and bad cholesterol, and would have to be put on medication. He continued to say I was way too young to be put on medication, and needed to focus on taking care of me. I found a Zumba class that Brittany Dominguez was teaching and thought to myself, I sit on my butt for an hour each day and  the class is just an hour, so why not??? i tried the class and I LOVED it. I continued taking her classes and at my 3 month follow up doctors appointment, the doctor was amazed and asked me what I was doing because my blood work was back to normal or even better and I had lost weight in such little time. I told him I found myself a place to work out, eat right/healthy and take care of my body, and I'm hooked. Brittany invited me to the grand opening of Z-fit and to meet the instructors, and the owner, her mom Bernadette Dominguez. From there on it has defiantly been a life changer.  Z-fit of NM has become my home away from home. No judgment zone. Best instructors in all of Albuquerque. A place anyone can walk into and get pretty much any kind of workout you can think of at one place with no rush no hurry. I definitely recommend Z-fit to any and all who are wanting a good workout and great results. It's a fun and friendly place where everyone is looking for the same thing. Try it once and your hooked for life. Not only have I found an AWESOME place to workout in I have found a Z-fit family!  
~Betty Archibeque~

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