I started training with Chris Romero in December 2016, in order to prepare for my first powerlifting competition earlier this year.  After so much encouragement and support from my Z-Fit family, I decided to compete, but honestly, I was terrified to be in the spotlight, because I’m the type of person who prefers to stay in the background.  Training with Chris helped me not only to work on my form and my strength, but also to build my self-confidence.  Chris always pushes me because he knows what I’m capable of, more so than I do or believe.  It was his belief in me, his support and motivation that helped to build up my self-confidence and made me excited to compete, even though I was still very nervous to do so.  After the competition, Chris asked me if I wanted to continue my training.  Of course I did, I didn’t want to stop.  He then said he would love to continue training me, but if I wanted to train with someone else, he had no problem with that.  Chris was my first personal trainer and continues to be my trainer today.  There’s no way I would replace him.  He’s the best, most knowledgeable trainer I’ve ever met, and I can say training with him is the best investment I’ve ever made! ~Gloria Tiznado~

Generally half the cost of most facilities, Z-fit brings the PERSONAL back in Personal Training.  Whether you are training for something specific or just for general health and well-being, no one is better at guiding, and often times, pushing you exactly where you need to go.  Clients see faster results and are far more likely to adhere to a workout plan than those who go at it alone.  So if you need someone to introduce you to exercise, rehab an injury, train you for competition or anything else, look no further then Z-fit Personal Training.  

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When I began training with Christopher Romero, it was to lose weight.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up training for a power lifting competition. Chris and Z-fit have always believed in me. Chris kept pushing me because he knew how strong I was, making me focus on the weight on my bar rather than my weight on the scale. Within months I went from a size 22-24 to a size 14. I went from having migraines everyday to not having any. But most importantly Chris and Z-fit taught me that I can do anything that I set my mind to and in all honesty, Chris gave me my confidence back. Christopher Romero is by far one of the best personal trainers in town because he cares.  ~Jessica Martinez~